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South Louisiana's Rockin' Good Times Band

Rockin' Rouge Members

  • Jerry Hotard (Vocals)  Jerry was born and raised in North Baton Rouge (St.Anthony boy) and graduated from Istrouma High School back in 1976. Inspired by a friend from grade school who played music with his family in their kitchen, Jerry thought "how great is that" and has dabbled in playing music ever since. Jerry is proud to call Baton Rouge his home where he lives, works and plays...mostly plays.
  • Katie Sills (Vocals)  Katie is the Rockin' Rouge Female Vocalist. As steady as they come, we can always count on her to be ready to perform, musically, creatively and with the entertainer perspective...the band is here for the audience. Katie is friendly, loves her music and believes in gettin' 'er done
  • Bruce E. Williams  (Vocalist and Saxophone) From the LSU Tiger Band to a Rockin’ Roller, Bruce began playing sax and singing in high school. Born in Texas but a long time resident of the Baton Rouge area, he is retired after 40 years with Exxon Mobil.  He is 35 year instrument rated pilot having built, test flown, and owned seven aircraft. He is now a Home Inspector, an educator/instructor at a local technical college.
  • Rudy Hirschheim (Bass) is a Professor at LSU. His career has taken him from New York, to Canada, to England to back to the US, with stints in Australia in between. A long time musician, he started playing drums at the age of 8 playing mostly big band music. He switched to bass when the Beatles burst on the scene. After a long hiatus away from music, he is back playing again.
  • Rusty Weaver (Guitar) is a native of Baton Rouge, LA and a retired educator/Shop Teacher and a registered geek. He has been playing and jammin since the '60s and enjoys sailboat racing, recording, collecting amps, guitars and other musical instruments.
  • Steve LeVan (Guitar) is a native of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania having moved to Baton Rouge sixteen years ago (where he developed a taste for crawfish and Louisiana seafood). He has played in variety of rock bands since his teens and now enjoys playing guitars and amplifiers that he builds.
  • Sam Roubique (Drums) is a Baton Rouge native who has been playing drums and percussion for over 20 years. In addition to playing drums for Rockin' Rouge he is a former member of the LSU Tiger Band Drumline and a current member of Fat City Drum Corps, the unofficial drumline of the New Orleans Saints.